The Buying Process

Initial Consultation:

  • Determine your needs and priorities
  • Review agency choices and select appropriate working relationship
  • Discuss financing options 

 Find the Right Home:

  • Show you properties based on your criteria
  • Evaluate each property
  • Choose the right home

Obtain Financing:

(There is overlap here in terms of timing with finding the right home and preparing an offer)

  • Find a mortgage company
  • Consult with a loan officer
  • Pre-qualification
  • Complete loan application
  • Obtain pre-approval
  • Provide requested documents
  • Property appraisal
  • Final loan approval

Prepare an Offer: 

  • Review comparable sales to determine offer price
  • Review progress of loan pre-approval; decide on financing
  • Decide on other term (inspections, possession date, personal property, etc.)
  • Prepare an earnest money deposit

Reach an Agreement With Seller:    

  • Present your offer
  • Negotiate terms and possible counter offers 
  • Agree upon sales contract with seller

Complete the Settlement Process:

  • Deposit of earnest money
  • Review seller's property disclosures
  • Review preliminary title report
  • Roof, termite and other inspections
  • Remove any remaining contingencies
  • Arrange for homeowner's insurance
  • Arrange for home warranty
  • Arrange for movers
  • Final walk-through of property with agent
  • Provide balance of down payment and closing costs
  • Sign documents
  • Loan funding
  • Record title
  • Receive keys from agent
  • Move in! 
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